sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2015

Give me.

Red hair, burning the air.
Purple shirt, taking my breath away.
And you want me not to act,
do me a favor, c'mon sweetie and kiss me, don't look back.
Follow me to the dark, 
let our souls turn into black. 
She never deserve you, my beatiful love
You deserve more than that and I can give you all.
C'mon and kiss me hard 
I want to be a little bad.
Have a seat, let me be.
Heaven can wait, not me.
Touch gently my bare hips, 
with your sweetie and broken lips.
So love me like you always try to do, 
I can't wait more, and know you too. 
Just one day, like in the old, old times.
This will be our one and only nighttime
Only your hands can make me feel alive, 
look, touch, kiss and don't let me die.
This will be our final secret.
come here, without regrets.
And when we finish, look at her and try to remember, try to not forget.
When you used to be a beautiful human being.
So love me like you do, or at least try to act like you feel in that way.
Just one more day, like in the old, old times.

You say sorry just for show. I said sorry on a on, from the deepest bottom of my soul.

Pocas son las destinadas, de esta solo dos palabras. Tarde o muy tarde, uno se da cuenta de que se esforzó por la persona equivocada, de la manera equivocada. Algunas cosas deben quedar en el olvido, y otras crean arte sin quererlo. Goodbye sweetheart, please, don't come back, and never let this to be.