jueves, 6 de julio de 2017


You can see me looking at you
under my heart shaped glasses.
Crossing my legs, letting you see my knees
under my tennis skirt.
Smiling at you, just for me,
because I know,
I'm driving you crazy, my love.

I'll see you at the tennis court,
I'll be wearing diamonds on my neck
and the heart in my cheek.
Flowers on my hair and long pink legs.

You know that I'm young,
you know that I'm wild,
you know that I'm not your dolly
and you're not my daddy;
I'm your obsession,
and you're part of my possessions.

Did you see me yesterday at Friday night?
Sparkling like a star,
the taste of the whiskey in my mouth.
And you want to know,
how's the taste of my cherry lollipop.

Make me nice for a while,
think that I'm not a femme fatale
smoking long cigarettes
and having no regrets.

My blue swimsuit means
your pulse getting shoot.
And your eyes getting wild
when I say
"Needing some discipline,
you're my favorite medicine."

See around that corner maybe,
don't be afraid of being brute:
I'm a screamer baby
make me mute.

You can call me Lolita
the prettiest señorita.
With bare feet and messy bun
waiting for you, ready to run.

The party is over, I'm alive.
The party is over, I feel revive.
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